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Beginning Agility Series

Do you want to have fun with your dog learning the sport of agility?  Our goal at Paws Up Agility is to provide an enjoyable, safe environment to learn agility. Our series of beginner classes introduce you to the essentials of the sport.  We work with you and your dog on handling, obstacle performance and sequencing.    We invite all dog-lovers, interested in learning this great sport, to join us in our Beginning Agility Series of classes!  

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Beginning Agility

Beginning Agility is an introduction to the sport.  Using positive reinforcement, we safely introduce you and your dog to obstacles and foundation skills. The goal is for everyone (handler and dog) to have fun while learning the basics of agility.  This class is perfect for the handler who is new to agility. The class is also well suited for a more experienced handler starting with a new partner. 

Intermediate I Agility

Intermediate I Agility is next in the series.  We introduce additional skills and emphasis is placed on well-timed verbal commands and body cues.  We keep your dog motivated as they learn to take direction from you.  Longer sequences are introduced.  This session is done off-leash.  Prerequisite:    Beginning Agility and a reliable off-leash sit, stay and come

Intermediate II Agility

Intermediate II Agility follows Intermediate I. We continue to work with each team to improve body and verbal cues. We refine and proof your skills.  You will run longer and increasingly more complicated sequences. This session is done off-leash.

Perequisite:    Intermediate 1 Agility and a reliable off-leash sit, stay and come

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