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When does the next Beginning Agility Series of classes start?

Our next series begins in September 2022.  If you are interested, we would love to hear from you.  Send us an email at and tell us about your dog.  We are happy to discuss getting your pup ready for our next series.

How old does my dog have to be to train at Paws Up Agility?

In our Beginning Agility Series, we accept puppies eight months of age and older. We take great care to prevent the possibility of injury and strain.


Are there any prerequisites?

Your dog should have completed a Basic Obedience class and should be working on a solid stay and recall.


What is the Beginning Agility Series?

 Our Beginning Agility Series consists of three sessions and are intended for a dog new to the sport of agility. 


Can I participate if my dog is aggressive towards other dogs or people?
No.  We cannot risk injury to our students and/or their dogs. If we feel that a dog is a threat to the safety of others, you and your dog will be asked to leave.


I have done agility training at another training facility.  How can I determine what class to enter at Paws Up Agility?
Please contact us for an evaluation.  We evaluate your dog’s skills to determine which class is best suited for you and your dog.


Can I visit a class before enrolling?

Absolutely! We encourage anyone interested in Paws Up Agility classes to come visit.  Please let us know when you intend to come.


Can children train at Paws Up Agility?
Young people 15 years of age and older are welcome.


Where are you located?

We hold classes at Leaps and Bounds Agility Center in the Jersey Village area. 

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