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Terese Rakow

Terese began training her young Shetland Sheepdog in agility in 2010, because he needed something to do.  It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the sport, which promotes a strong bond between a dog and its handler based on trust and communication.  As she gained experience, she started helping others in training and at trials.  This led to becoming an instructor at FlashPaws Agility training Center in 2015 and she taught there through 2019.  


Terese's first agility dog, a Sheltie, Jumpin' Jack Flash started competing in AKC agility in 2012 at the age of five. It was his enthusiasm for activity and working that brought them to agility. Jack Flash was ranked the Number 2 PACH Sheltie in calendar years 2015 and 2016.  He is semi-retired, competing only occasionally in AKC, UKI and NADAC.   

PACH6 Jumpin Jack Flash MXP23 MXPB3 MJP22 MJPC2 PAX6 MFP


Terese's second dog a rescue Sheltie, Fyfa, followed closely behind Jack Flash. Fyfa also started competing in AKC in 2012. Fyfa had to overcome various fear, motivation, and anxiety issues but with a lot of work and experience she became a confident, very consistent competitor. Fyfa was the number 1 PACH Sheltie in calendar years 2015 through 2018 and went to the AKC Invitational in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as the top PACH Sheltie.  She finished off 2018 as the top PACH Sheltie, top 12” PACH dog and was the Overall Lifetime Achievement PACH dog.  She succumbed to cancer in the midst of a great career.  


Terese's third dog, Sheltie Rivvick, was the first dog she got to train from the very start in Agility. She focused on the foundations which paid off in a great start to his agility career.  Rivvick started competing in AKC agility in 2015 at 18 months old. He got his first MACH at just over 22 months, being the second youngest Sheltie to achieve a MACH at that time. He also got his TQX (attaining a triple Q of FAST, Standard and Jumpers ten times), along with MACH2, at 27 months a major goal in his agility training.  He earned a place in the Challengers round at AKC Nationals in 2018 at the age of four.  He competes in AKC, UKI and NADAC



Terese’s fourth dog, Sheltie Vaarie is in the middle of his foundation training at 17 months.  

Freedom Paws Little Blue Whiplash CGC TKN


Lisa Brooks

Lisa loves everything related to agility and says it has become a way of life for her. She believes each step is part of a wonderful journey that intensifies the bond between her and her dogs.  She started teaching at FlashPaws in 2017 and is thrilled to continue teaching as part of the Paws Up Agility team. Watching a dog develop and grow is the best part of being an instructor.


Lisa’s first agility dog is a feisty terrier-mix named Ginger Brooks.  Lisa and Ginger competed in many venues including CPE, NADAC and ASCA before focusing on AKC.  Ginger started competing in 2011, at almost three years old. The hard-working rescue worked her way to MACH4 before Lisa dropped her to Preferred.  Ginger is now working on PACH5.  Ginger has qualified for Nationals every year, was ranked #6 All American for the 2016 Invitational period and #3 Preferred All American for the 2018 Invitational period.  Since Ginger is getting older, she doesn’t show as often, but she waits at the door ready to go on the days she does compete. She still loves the sport and runs her heart out every time she enters the ring.

MACH4 PACH4 Little Miss Ginger Snap MXS2 MJG2 MXP12 MXPB2 MJP12 MJPB2 PAX4 OF T2B


Lisa’s second agility dog joined her family in October 2014. She is a friendly, high energy miniature poodle named Gabby. She started training as a puppy and loves everything related to the sport - training, trialing, traveling, tugging, playing fetch and getting treats!  She debuted in AKC at 18 months old and earned her first MACH in 2017.  Gabby has run at Nationals and attends Poodle Specialty every year.  Gabby is five years old and working on MACH4.

MACH3 Safranne's Gabriella Silver Glory MXC MJB2 MFS TQX T2B3


Lisa also has a 12-year-old rescue pup, Missy.  Missy prefers staying close to home and running in her own backyard.


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